About me

Hi , My Name is Kiki Oktariani , iam 16 years olds (2012). i’m studying in SMAN Sumatera Selatan , Palembang Indonesia.   i was very happy when i heard i had accepted as part of Sampoerna Academy student. my school is boarding school so all of us must stay in dormitory. at the first time i entered this school i got homesick, but Alhamdulillah i can adapt, and now my school is like my second home because we are like one big family here. There is no seniority, we are all brothers and sisters which need each others.

One thing which make my school is different with another school is we have house system, we have 9 houses which are Manta Ray House, Lion House , Eagle House, Hornbill House, Dove House, Dolphin HOuse, Komodo House, Shark House, and Rhino House.And i am Mantaray House member, i love my house very much. we are very close family, and always helping each others . 🙂

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