Assistant Librarian

Assistant Librarian 🙂

kikikiikilibYeah it was being great experience to me for being Assistant Librarian in SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). Here, i can increase my ability for  organization and helping me to interact with others.  There are interesting  many activities that i can do in library, i can labelling book, inputing data to PASS (such as national application of online library that contain archive of all the books in library), recording list of the one who borrowing the book, even finalty record and give good service to members of library.

Being Assistant Library was not being big burden to me even  my duty in library was at night that sometimes someone told  me that it can distrub my time to study. But  So far if we can manage our time, it will not being burden and it will be being great thing and unforgatable moment in Senior High School. Yeah go LSAP …


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