Mean – short Drama- english task


In a beautiful city which has name Palembang, There was a litle family that actually poor people. They told their arguments about something important to be a real people, exactly executive people.

Hendro                 : “ What is this Mak, Bak? “

Bapak Miko        : “ I think this is a crocodile.
how about you Mak? “

Emak Kiki             : “ In my opinion, it is a lizard. “

Hendro                 :”  but mak, I guess it’s too big for the size of lizard.
Then, it’s also too small for the size of crocodile. “

Emak Kiki             : “ Are you sure nak? I advice you to ask to your teacher tommorrow. Okay?

Hendro                 : “ Are you mocking me mak? Even I didn’t graduate from elementary school because of our poverty. “

Bapak Miko        :”  So, you mock your parents then? “

Emak Kiki             : “ I guess, it’s the fact. Also it’s because you never try to find any job. I recommend you to find a job as fast as you can. “

Bapak Miko        : “ How could? “

Hendro                 :” Could be. “

Emak Kiki             :  “ So, that’s why Hendro, I advise you to looking for a good job to improve our standard  of living. “

Hendro                 : “ (mocking his mom) Yes, Umak. Whatever the things that can make you happy. “

Bapak Miko        : “ Do you know? Actually your grandpha is a rich people. Because of that, I didn’t want to study seriously until he died and I can’t to survive it. And now, we became like this.”

Hendro                 : “ But, even you’re the one who ever study at school, can not survive. So, how about me then? The one who never study at school anymore. “

Kiki                         : “ Hard Work. “

Miko                      : “That’s true. Hard work and Honestly.”

Hendro                 : “hmmmmmmmm,…”


                When they still discuss about that important thing. Someone came and called their name, so something happen.

Aprianto Restu  : “ Hey, are you Miko? You’re Kiki? “

Bapak Miko        : “Yes, who are you? How could you know me?”

Emak Kiki             : “(Curious face). “

Aprianto Restu  :  “I’m Apri. Aprianto Restu. At the time your parent ever helped me when my business  failed. I already went around of this province only to looking for you. Finally I can met you.

Bapak Miko        : “ Is that true? So, how about your business now?  “

Aprianto Restu  : “ It’s so great. By the way, I ever promise with my self if I meet you, I will give you something but I can’t to do it know. I just can promise, to make your son better then now on. “

Bapak Miko        : “ what do you mean? “

Emak Kiki             :”  I will not let give you permission to ask my son. “

Aprianto Restu  : “Come on, only this kind of thing that I can do for you all.”

Emak Kiki             : “ Never. “

Hendro                 :  “ Mak, I think he is true. I promise to you, I’ll back when I success already. “

Emak Kiki             : “  do you want to leave me? “

Hendro                 : “   please Mak, Pak.  I beg “

Aprianto Restu  : “ I guess he is true. I think your child willl be good leader in future Pak Miko because i can see he has big willingness and   big effort  “

Bapak Miko        : “ Ok, we will allow you go but you have to get back here to our hometown, ok ? “

Hendro                 : “ Thanks Emak , Pak “


Ten years letter , Hendro get back to his hometown, he is being great  personn now.  Business man has made many improvement in his life. But when Hendro get back to his house, there were no his father and mother. He was looking for them, he asked neighbours about where can he find his parents, and finally he known that his mother is being crazy now and her father has dead. Hendro was looking for her mom in his father cemetery. And finaly he found his mother

Hendro                 : “ ( looking at his mom in his father cemetery) emak……………. ( run and sitting near to her mom) makk, what happen with you? Why you are getting crazy now? “

Emak Kiki             : “ ( ignoring his son and crying in front of his husband cemetery) “

Hendro                 : “ (crying) oh my god , mak, pak  i regret why i lived you ten years ago. Pak i promise i will take care to emak . ( invite her mom to join with him) “

Hendro regret his choice ten years ago, and he promise to take care with her mom, but  around 2 days letter after her mom jointed with him, his mom died  because of diasease that she got.

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