There was a little girl who has big worried with her bad experience. Her name is Swift Sola, her father has divorced with her mother since she was 7 years old. Her father had leaved her mother because her father has a love affair with her mother’s friend and leaved little Swift who really loved her father at that time.

Time by time Swift growth up and she was being  teenager who was clever and beautiful face. Swift has understood the reason why her father leaved her  beloved mom. Swift really took care with her mother ,morever her mother got serious disease since her father leaved her mother  and she promised to her mother that she wouldn’t never find love and would give revenge to her father. And since that time she never tried to find love and hate the boys who want to approach her.

in the college, many boys wanted to approach her , but no ones of them were being accepted by swift. She was really affraid with her family background. In the college she only has one closely friend her name was Hanna, Hanna was good friend who always cared about Swift.

“ my lovely Daughter,  here i want to talk something serious about us “ her mother said

“ok , mom “ said Swift , went to approach her mother in living room

“ Swift , now on i am getting older and my disease is being serious . i can’t always accompany you to the rest of my life honey, someday i need to  take a rest for a long time. I don’t  want you live alone here. I really want you to have couple who can accompany you and loving you. So can you please open your heart to someone who want to approach you, i will not be here forever and i want to be happy in future with your passion “ said her mother

“ so what do you mean exactly my beloved mom “said swift

“ i want you to have relationship with someone,  maybe he can make your life cheerful “ replied her mother

“i don’t want mom , i hate boy and i will give revenge to father who has leaved you mom “ said Swift

“ you have to find your true love  honey, i will not accompany you forever, someday i ‘ll go forever “ replied her mother and her mother cried

“ok mom i will try to find someone who actually really love me and it is only for you “ hold her mother’s hand and hung her mother

In the college , many boys wanted to approach her because she was beautiful and clever too. There were Mark as trendy boy in the school and idiot Harry who wanted to shouted her.  Because of Swift really loved her mom very finally she wanted to have relationship with boy ,time by time finally Mark can approached Swift. Unfortunately Hanna also loved Mark very much , Hanna was regret when she knew Mark wanted to approach her. But Hanna was good friend and she tried to don’t remember Mark in her heart and she pretended to support Swift because she really knew about Swift and cared with swift very much.

“ Hi Swift , i was looking for you yesterday why did not you go to college yesterday ?  “ approached Swift who sit in Canteen next to Hanna

“ i accompanied my mom to go to Hospital because she was sick yesterday “ said Swift with pinky face

In Hanna ‘s heart , she felt very disappointed but she try to silent at the moment. She  disappointed with Mark because before he approached Swift he had approached Hanna. And Mark still has feeling with Hanna. So Hanna and Mark made relationship without known by Swift.

Time by time, Swift’s trauma decreased because of Mark , he changed everything in Swift’s life. Swift can be easier to  interact with someone else.  Swift did not know if mark also has serious relationship with Hanna.  What she knew was that Mark was good boy and different with another boy. Every day after she went back to home she always told to her mom about what she felt with Mark. Actually there was someone else who really loved her very much . he was secret admire of Swift but swift knew that secret admire was Mark so it made her really loved Mark.

Mark confused why his love story  was being like this. Mark felt down in two heart.  Actually he only loved Hanna, he approached Swift because he wanted to make Hanna felt jealous. And now, he loved both of them. He wanted to broke up with Swift but he can’t leaved swift with this way.  He had known Swift’s life story from Hanna and he was sad and did not want to break her heart.

“ oh my god, why my love story was so complicated ?  before i knew Swift i just loved Hanna, but why i also loved Swift .  “ said Mark after turned off his phone

“ you have to choose , Mark. Don’t play with love “ said Harry who was being secret admire of Swift

“i can’t Harry, even you never approach girl how could you advise me. “ said Mark

“ it is up to you wether you want to agree or disagree with me. But the important one is i am as your friend just want to advise you. Ok Mark i want to go home, bye “  said Harry directly opened door and go.

Day by day, Swift can forgot her trauma about boy. She tought that Mark was her true love. Mark told her everything about meaning of  love. And she knew that she had loved Mark and changed her paradigm about boy. But in another side , Hanna was looked so sad, she regreted why she denied Mark last time ago.  She   sit under the tree and Mark came to approach her. Mark asked about what happened with Hanna

“ Hannaaaaaaaaaaaaa, “  Mark screamed and approached Hanna who cried under tree

“ why ? “  replied Hana

“what happened with you? , why you are looked so sad? “  said Mark

“mark , may i talk something serious to you ?” replied Hanna

“sure , “ Mark

“ don’t you know mark that i was so sad when i knew that you shouted Swift “ said Hanna

“ Hanna , did you know up until know i just love you and i just care with Swift i don’t have any feeling what you think about “ replied Mark

 After both of them have known their feeling, they  were having relationship without known by Swift. They pretended to Swift that they did not have any relationship and took care with Swift. Day by day  Mark was rarely visited Swift, Swift confused and she shared about her feeling with Hanna in restaurant the places where they usually met.

“ Hanna,  i want to talk about Mark to you, hanna didn’t  you know that he was being my first love? He can changed my paradigm about love. But han, why when i have given my heart to him , why i felt that he avoid me, “ Swift said

“maybe, it is only your feeling. Mark really loves you. Trust me “ Hanna told  to Swift

“thanks Hann, you make me charm “ replied Swift

It has been 2 weeks Swift did not meet Mark, even there was no her best friend Hanna  who really cared with her. Hanna and Mark leaved Swift without asked permission to Swift. Swift was worried about their condition , swift phoned their phone but their phone was not actived. Swift lost contact with them, she felt lonely in this world morever her mom’s disease was being serious. Until her mother has died they never visited Swift and swift was so said and she tried to forgot them.

It has been one year, and now on Swift has graduated from her college with good achievement. Time by time she has forgot Mark from her mind even though he always in her mind. After she has graduated from her college she moved to another city.  She liked to walked around in her city,  this new city gave her new spirit and  she was being accepted in  company. In the night she walked around at street to find fresh water but unfortunately she saw Mark wanted to enter house with  plastic bag which full of vegetable and fruits. Mark called his wife and unfortunately his wife is Hanna her best friend. Swift so shocked when she saw that Hanna was being her Wife , swift called Mark and runned away from Mark house.

 Mark wanted to catch Swift , he wanted to apologize with Swift but Swift has runned away from him. It was too late for Mark to say apologize to her, Swift has hated him very much and Swift tried to forgot all things about him and Hanna. And she aware that she will not love someone very much.


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